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DJ Craig Demo (Miami, USA)

bio & background


Not only is DJ Craig DeMo a Definitive DJ and producer, he is also a tastemaker of music. His sets as a DJ combine House, Tribal and Progressive House with the power to move any dance floor. His unique use of various acappellas and loops throughout the night make every minute of his set worth hearing.  DJ Craig DeMo sets of chunky, twisted house make him one of the most sought after DJ/Producers in Miami as well as the US.


Over the years Craig has moved crowds in many prestigious clubs the world over. He has played in such far-flung places as Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, London, Sweeden, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Chile, australia, China, Japan and throughout vast regions of the United States and Canada.


Turned on to electronic music at an early age by the sounds of Kraftwerk, Model 500, front 242 and various new wave artists, DJ Craig DeMo found himself in the midst of electronic sounds. It was the early New York rave & warehouse scene that really caught his attention and it wasnt long before he was thrust into the forefront of that scene in the early nineties. Inspired by these sounds he committed himself to becoming a true tastemaker as a DJ and a producer. The rest, they say, is history


Upon arriving in miami Craig took intrest in the local club scene and began working closely with a local legend, Bruce Wilcox. It wasn't long before Craig was working with Bruce and some of Miami's other great local DJ's at Grooveman Music. Grooveman Music was Miami's number one record shop and garnered respect the world over. Craig was the head buyer of all formes of house music and his decisions on what to bring into the shop influenced many DJ's sets.


In 2005 Craig Demo was asked to mix the prestigious 'Miami Annual 2005' CD by ECM distribution. This full length mix CD will feature the best tracks from winter music conference 2005 as well as new unreleased material from some of todays top artists.  Released in July 2005 the CD is carried at every major music chain throughout the US Canada and Europe as well as local underground record shops.


Currently DJ Craig Demo is the Wednesday resident at Twist, Miami. His weekly "WERQ!" party combined with Adora's "Dragboy" has been running for over 2 years and is one of the hottest,  nights on the beach. Always a Groove, always packed and always underground!!! "WERQ!!"


Craig has been a Billboard reporting DJ for over 2 years and his charts and remixes keep his finger on todays pulse of music from all the major artists.


The future will find DJ Craig DeMo gallivanting around the world, spinning his unique sets to the masses as well as residing in the studio, producing quality tracks. When asked how he manages to fit in DJ'ing, producing and being a Billboard reporter, he just smiles and says Its all for the love of Music.